If We Deny God

Over the centuries, religion has adopted so much law language which fails to credit the finished work of Christ. In this short message from South Africa, Francois du Toit digs into the Greek of 2 Timothy 2 to discover that Paul never said God would deny us.

11 The logic of God endorses our faith. We were included in His death and are therefore equally included in His resurrection. Whenever we suffer we already know that we co-reign with Him, the Christ-life rules. 12 If we contradict ourselves, He will contradict us and prove us wrong. 13 Our unbelief does not change what God believes. He cannot contradict Himself.

— 2 Timothy 2:11-13 (Mirror)

Francois du Toit
About The Author
- Francois has written several books in both English and Afrikaans, including God Believes in You, Divine Embrace, Done! and The Mystery Revealed. He is currently passionately engaged in continuing with The Mirror Translation.

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