The End of the Law

Jesus is the end of the law. Period. In this message, Pastor Don Keathley shows how anything other than pure Gospel is a recipe for disaster. You cannot add anything to what Christ has accomplished in your name. You are the result of His finished work.

6-7 I can’t believe your fickleness—how easily you have turned traitor to him who called you by the grace of Christ by embracing a variant message! It is not a minor variation, you know; it is completely other, an alien message, a no-message, a lie about God. Those who are provoking this agitation among you are turning the Message of Christ on its head.

— Galatians 1:6-7 (MSG)

Don Keathley
About The Author
- Don Keathley is the founder of Radical Grace Seminary. He brings over 40 years of pastoral experience and a heart to develop leaders who are on the cutting edge of the message of grace and the finished work of the cross.

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