Established in Grace (Session 9)

In Jesus, we discover that we are not the product of a mere physical conception. We are God’s idea! Join
Francois du Toit to discover how Jesus is the revelation of our completeness. We are complete in Him.

Instead of an impressive certificate framed on my wall I have you framed in my heart! You are our Epistle written within us, an open letter speaking a global language; one that everyone can read and recognize as their mother tongue!

The fact that you are a Christ-Epistle shines as bright as day! This is what our ministry is all about. The Spirit of God is the living ink. Every trace of the Spirit’s influence on the heart is what gives permanence to this conversation. We are not talking law-language here; this is more dynamic and permanent than letters chiseled in stone. This conversation is embroidered in your inner consciousness.

— 2 Corinthians 3:2-3 (Mirror)

This message was recorded live from the 2013 Word of Grace (Established in Grace) Conference in Fort Collins, Colorado. This is Session 9 and Francois du Toit’s second session from the conference.

Francois du Toit
About The Author
- Francois has written several books in both English and Afrikaans, including God Believes in You, Divine Embrace, Done! and The Mystery Revealed. He is currently passionately engaged in continuing with The Mirror Translation.

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