Gentle Rain

We’ve been so blessed by the new album, “NoDistance,” from Mary-Anne Rabe. Her music is full of the truth of the ages, the truth that we are all God’s children. We are not distant from our Father. We are not separate from Him. We are in Him and He is in us. Look and see for the Lord is good. Lyrics below.

Like gentle rain on the tender grass
Let these words distill like the morning dew
I open up my heart and let them in
Like the flowers drink the showers of the spring

How great our God
You are the Rock
From which we came
Our God the Rock
The Father of us all
Of every boy and girl

Now all you, who pursue righteousness
Look to the Rock from which you came
You’re so much more than what can be seen
Your life is wrapped up with Christ in eternity


About The Author
- Mary Anne Rabe's musicallows your heart to overflow with the Love that breathed you into being, that upholds you and sustains you in it's adoration and that will never let you go!

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