Mike Miller

Pastor Mike MillerMike Miller is a gifted grace teacher, pastor and evangelist. He has a heart for revealing our Father’s unconditional love and grace.

For over thirty years, he and his wife, Marilyn, have ministered the healing nature of God’s grace through the knowledge of God’s unwavering love. They believe the truth of God’s unconditional love lays the foundation for effortless health and wholeness.

Are you looking to be healed? Begin by joining Mike Miller to discover that God is not schizophrenic.

Jesus said that He was the visible image of the Father–when we look to Jesus, we see God. If what you believe about God is not also true of Jesus, then you have a wrong idea of God. Get rid of that idea.

Next, know that you are unconditionally loved and accepted and there’s nothing you can do or not do to change that. Sometimes our thoughts and actions have a way of misrepresenting who we really are to ourselves (in our minds), but know that you are the righteousness of God in Christ–no matter what!

We have been blessed by the ministry of Pastor Mike Miller and we know that you will be blessed too! We highly recommend the Miller family ministry.

As you watch, we believe your eyes will be opened to the true nature of the Father, you will gain a deeper understanding of the finished work of the Cross, and you will discover your unique significance in the Body of Christ.

You can connect with Mike Miller on Facebook here. You can also visit his ministry’s website for more information.

Mike Miller Videos

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Where Grace Meets 2013 (Session 1)

24 Views0 Comments

Mike Miller shows how the New Testament was written for a generation transitioning from the old to the new.

Reality Recovered

27 Views0 Comments

Mike Miller sums up the truth that sets us free and challenges us to wake up to what's real and right.

Reality Revisited

31 Views0 Comments

Mike Miller shows how we lost our identity and believed a lie, but now is the time to revisit who we are.

Starting a Rumble

22 Views0 Comments

Mike Miller says its time to change our minds about who God is and who we really are.

No Obligation

34 Views0 Comments

Mike Miller challenges us to take hold of the testimony of our Lord and start living fully from within.

Life and Immortality

47 Views0 Comments

Mike Miller examines the scriptures and asks the question, "are we immortal?"

The Testimony of the Lord

29 Views0 Comments

Mike Miller shows us who we are and who we've always been since before the beginning of time.

Disease of the Heart

38 Views0 Comments

Discover the truth about you by discovering the truth about God in this message from Mike Miller.

Dead on the Seashore

32 Views0 Comments

Mike Miller shows how sin and death are non-issues under grace. You are free to live life!

Life and Death

31 Views0 Comments

Mike Miller compares several statements that often contradict each other and leave the reader confused.

By Any Means

26 Views0 Comments

Mike Miller asks how would your life change if you were as confident as Paul?

Knowing This

51 Views0 Comments

Mike Miller outlines the believer's authority in Christ. Once you know it, there's no going back.

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