You See the Son

Rivers & Robots is an indie worship project birthed from Manchester, UK. We’re big fans of their music. Enjoy this official music video for their hit, You See The Son. This comes off of their debut album “The Great Light.” Lyrics below.

Come back, come back
Surrender everything I once held on to
Come down, come down
I’m waiting for the day when we will see you

Your love, your love,
It reaches far beyond the highest heights and
Your hand, your hand,
Is strong enough to pluck me from the night and

Every time I stumble, you carry me,
For every time I’ve lost, you’ve won,
The love that you have given is enough for me,
And when you look at me, you see the Son,
The Holy One, The Spotless Son,
The one who gave it all for me,
Who gave His life to set me free,
The Son, You see The Son, You see the Son

River Robots
About The Author
- Rivers & Robots is an indie worship project from Manchester, UK. Originally started as a solo project in 2010, Rivers & Robots has since expanded to a band in 2012. We love Jesus and we love to worship through song, music, creativity and art. We aim to create songs that express and declare who God is, both lyrically and through music and creativity. These usually come in the form of indie, folk and electronic songs.

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